We Know More

We know how to empower agents to be great, motivate them to excel, and train them by the best sales agents in the business.

The PlusOne Difference

PlusOne was created to be a unique offering in the call center space, based on the foundation of the PlusOne Method. Whereas other call centers aim to be good “call centers”, PlusOne’s driving principle is being the greatest “sales center”; built by people that know how to win.

Because every PlusOne employee believes in the concept of success in life and work combined, our clients see the impact in every call that our agents handle. There is a difference between hiring an agent, and hiring a smart, confident, successful individual.

The PlusOne philosophy drives performance that wins the game, not just playing the game. We’ve created a sales culture centered on coaching, training, and empowering our sales agents. PlusOne rewards agents for making incremental improvements that will lead to different results… +one more sale, +one higher conversion percentage point, +one more successful Direct Response campaign!

The PlusOne Difference is part of our fabric and it can’t be duplicated by any competitor. We’ll back your confidence in us with our Performance Guarantee.


· Increasing conversion on high end, soft offer, DR campaigns.

· Creating the most effective script, call to action, and offer.

· Working closely with Media Partners to maximize media dollars being spent creating lower cost per order (CPO).

· Using performance metrics to monitor the success of an agent, call, and campaign.

· Cultivating the best sales agents in the call center industry.

· Making incremental improvements throughout the campaign life.

The PlusOne Platform

The PlusOne Platform supports every client, agent, campaign, and sales interaction. Proven sales processes designed by top sales agents have been captured and architected into a system that drives the highest performance out of every PlusOne agent. Developed from the ground up by our technology organization, the PlusOne Platform is a cutting edge, state-of-the-art system that supports every client interaction, providing unparalleled sales results by our agents.

While other call centers use order management systems to measure performance, PlusOne uses a proprietary sales management system. The PlusOne Platform provides agents with the very best tools to maximize sales conversions while providing clients with access to real-time insights on campaign performance.

The Key Features of the Cloud-based PlusOne Platform

– Real-Time Client Reporting

– Call Recording and Listening

– Call Process Management

– Business Rules and Logic

– Sales Agent Performance

– Quality Monitoring and Scoring System

– Agent Commission tracking

– Dynamic Agent Scripting

– Agent Knowledgebase

– Training Portal

– Live Streaming

– Campaign Performance

– Product Information

– Performance Details

– Conversion Rate

– Spend and Market Analysis

– Sources of Media

– Integrations with 3rd party systems

– Cloud-based Work at Home technology environment

In addition to the PlusOne Platform, we round out our sales management system with key technology partners.

The PlusOne Method

The PlusOne Method is a unique process that enables a blueprint for success within every PlusOne employee. Our foundation is built by people that know success and have lived through adversity. Because our sales agents are used to winning in life, they believe in the method that brings out the best they have to offer. Success management is a far greater asset to an agent than the basic training delivered by our competitors. The PlusOne Method, at the core, gives successful and confident people the tools to know more, care more and sell more.

PlusOne agents that consume the PlusOne Method enable increased conversion rates across all of our clients. Trained Sales Engineers manage the PlusOne Method for each client engagement and are experts on building the sales foundation.campaign performance.

The PlusOne Method is based on 3 Components

Understanding the needs of the customer.

Instilling confidence that the product will solve the customer’s need.

Transferring confidence from the agent to the customer.

Our Sales Engineers are trained to follow a seamless process that guarantees the integration of this concept into the team of sales agents working on every campaign. Knowledge and skill are sourced from top Sales Engineers to other agents on the team. By filtering individual best practices to sales agents throughout the campaign lifecycle, the PlusOne Method creates an environment of constant improvement. As campaign call volume increases, the conversion rates exponentially rise.

Our process is so compelling and complete; we will compare any 100 calls across any campaign and know that PlusOne will convert more than any other call center.