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PlusOne Company started with the industry’s top sales agents and a unique vision of how to sell better than any other call center in the industry. Agent success is the foundation of the culture and is embedded in the very fabric of how we operate. We know how to empower agents to be great, motivate them to excel, and train them by the best sales agents in the business. Ultimately, our clients realize unseen improvement in conversion rates. This is what happens when the industry’s top sales agents are running your campaign

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PlusOne delivers “more”. It’s about doing more on that next direct response campaign, doing more with your customer service calls, and caring more for our clients. We are constantly making incremental improvements that lead to more conversions, better customer experiences, and happier clients. This is the real measure of a successful campaign. This is the PlusOne model.

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It’s easy to outsell the competition when you train and employ only the best sales agents. PlusOne was founded by top sales agents with a vision to build the greatest sales center using their own best practices as the foundation for agent training. Our training is more than how to read a script or work the phone system; it’s about empowering sales agents to be present, confident, and in control of each call. Our sales agent culture, our systems, our agent training, and our methods create an unrivaled entity. Our agents know more, care more and convert more leads to sales than any other call center. Our sales results speak for themselves, backed by Our Guarantee.

What They Say About PlusOne...

PlusOne is not only a job to me but a career and a family. The people at PlusOne are so giving and caring and it is an awesome place to spend the time you have to at work.

Annette Egan - PlusOne Sales Agent

We truly are the best call center in the world and people can't wait to get on the phones and buy products when they interact with us. We are the closers!

Sam Icke - PlusOne Sales Agent

I think they should know if we are going to sell their product, we are going to use it and love it first, and then relay our experience and passion on to our customers. We want to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible, and the PlusOne method is the most effective way to do that.

Tim Wayman - Plusone Sales Agent

PlusOne really does what everyone else claims to do....convert more calls to sales. I have seen them do this first hand on several projects for us, turning mediocre results into sure winners. I would put them up against anyone in the industry. Marion is the ultimate salesman that really cares about both the customer and the client. He is the best I've ever worked with.

Rick Cesari - CEO / Cesari Direct

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