We Care More

PlusOne delivers “more”. It’s about doing more on that next direct response campaign, doing more with your customer service calls, and caring more for our clients.

Direct Response

Our sales agents sell some of the world’s most recognizable products.  Direct response is our area of specialty, and we engage at a deep level of interest in the brands we represent.  We even encourage our sales agents to purchase products for themselves in order to relate with the customers they are selling to.

PlusOne’s sales culture and performance is designed to deal with the volatile nature of direct response campaigns.  Various media sources, custom reporting needs, sporadic call flow, and unpredictable staffing contribute to the complexity of managing an effective direct response campaign.

We are the very best at managing this complexity and we know which offers will work in order to convert the highest level of sales. We’ve gone head-to-head with the industry’s top call centers and we consistently outperform them.

Conversion Care

PlusOne Conversion Care is more than a Customer Service desk. When your customer calls a PlusOne agent, (for any reason) this is an ideal opportunity to deliver a great customer experience and suggest new products and service offers.  We are dedicated to your success and care about your customer and bottom line. Answering the phone and maintaining professionalism on a call is a given at PlusOne, but Customer Service is much more than that.

PlusOne Conversion Care is committed to

Short hold times.

Delivering superior customer experiences.

Listening to the real issue of the customer.

Sales techniques that increase your up-sales.

Down-sale strategies (retention).

Rebuttal techniques (save your sale).

Unmatched quality control.

Intense product knowledge trainings for agents (with continual training as offers change).

Satisfied customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers are profitable customers. We are experts at keeping them loyal while maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV).

Campaign Care

Collaboration fosters advancement. At PlusOne, we partner with clients by collaborating from a sales perspective to develop campaigns that outperform. We care more because our success is directly tied to our client’s bottom line.  Success is not independent; it is interdependent.

We Measure Success at Four Levels

The Customer

The Agent

Our Business

The Client’s Business

Lack of focused attention to any one of these entities threatens the integrity of our partnership. Our contracts, our systems, and our business metrics are all created with relentless commitment to all four parties.  Before we ever agree to sell your products, we buy into them, we learn about them, we study them, and we ONLY sell products that we can personally commit to. We anchor all our processes to your product. Once the campaign is launched, we’ll give you constructive feedback our agents get directly from your customers.